Durch die Wildnisse Skandinaviens 18 - Kilpisjärvi- Kautokeino

Auf dieser Etappe passiere ich den höchsten Berg Finnlands, durchstreife das eindrucksvolle Reisatal und gelange schließlich in die Weiten der norwegischen Finnmark.


Back from Canada and returning to german language in this blog

I just returned from my summer trip to western Canada, and have decided to switch back to german for this blog. I think I just like writing in my mother language more, and for sure, it reads better than my english...
If you are interested in reading about my adventures in english, I recommend my facebook page, where I will continue to post in that language.
So soon I will continue with entries regarding my last summer trip to Scandinavia!


Scandinavian wilderness hike 17- Snowstorm on the way to Kilpisjärvi

When I start early next morning it is grey and the temperature reaches just 4 C°. I follow the Dividalen for a while and then climb out across dry birch forest. Dividalshytta offers a very nice view across the valley, but unfortunately it has started to rain again. There must be visitors, but at this early hour everything is still quite.


Scandinavian wilderness hike 15- from Hellemocanyon to Kjatterat

I had intended to explore more of the granite country around Hellemofjord but next morning I soon must realise, that that is a slow, difficult undertaking. I would run out of food and more importantly miss an appointment in some days, so I decide to turn back on the Nordkalottleden.


Scandinavian wilderness hike 14- along the huge Akkajaure towards Hellemocanyon

On this stage I have a very interesting encounter with the members of a scientific project on the effects of climate change in the arctic.


Scandinavian wilderness hike 13- Into Padjelanta and Sarek

On this stage I leave my northerly bearing and take a big detour eastwards into Sweden, to explore the big Nationalparks of Laponia, Padjelanta, Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet.